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English as a Second Language

We know it's important for adults to learn to speak the English language, especially in an effort to better yourself and your family. In our English as a second language program, students learn how to speak, read, and write the English language. Students may enroll in ESL classes at any time if space is available. We offer three different levels of classes.

Multi-Level ESL

We’ve designed our multi-level course for students in all levels of beginning literacy. The purpose is to introduce English language literacy skills and language learning strategies within the context of broad life skills and parenting/tutorial strategies. We group students with varying abilities together in this level, for the benefit of all students.

Beginning / Intermediate ESL

In this beginning course, we integrate life skills topics, functions, and grammar into our instruction. Students will move up to the intermediate levels and expand their English proficiency in reading, writing, and grammar. Topics vary from general to academic and job-related areas.

Advanced ESL

Our advanced course involves intensive instruction in reading, listening, writing, and grammar and allows students to meet most routine social and work-related demands with confidence. Students use English to function independently in most familiar situations.