Kings Lake
Education Center
Where Learning Never Ends

Our School

Welcome to Kings Lake Education Center. Our goal is to provide programs and curriculum that meet state standards and appeal to our students’ interest while increasing their abilities. We offer several educational opportunities for the families in our community. A state-funded preschool, a kindergarten through high school program, and an academic adult school are just a few of our many offerings.

Our campus houses and offers several programs that are an integral part of the Corcoran Unified School District. Our programs include intervention classes for at-risk incoming freshmen, the Corcoran High School Independent Study Program, and the Corcoran Adult Academy. Mission Community Day School provides sixth through twelfth grade students with low risk behaviors who have been expelled elsewhere a quality academic option. In general, we provide an alternative, non-traditional educational atmosphere for all students, where they can be successful.


Kings Lake Education Center offers several programs as an integral part of the Corcoran Unified School District. In a sense, it begins where regular school leaves off and gives students a chance to continue their education in an atmosphere in which they can learn. It is an alternative to the traditional high school that fulfills the compulsory attendance requirements for students in California schools.

Our programs provide educational opportunities that include the student’s immediate and long-term academic requirements. We pride ourselves in providing:

  • An individualized and personalized program of instruction
  • Needed guidance services for those who have special needs

Our staff provides the instruction and services that students need to prepare for:

  • High school diploma
  • Entrance into occupational training or higher education
  • Assuming an adult role in society

Kings Lake Education Center’s educational objectives for alternative education are to:

  • Equip students with basic skills of reading, writing, and math
  • Help students know themselves and understand relationships with others
  • Convince students that they can be self-supporting and can advance in salary and position through proper training and preparation
  • Help students develop principles for home and family living
  • Encourage students to engage in wholesome recreation
  • Encourage students to practice good health habits and keep themselves physically and mentally fit
  • Equip students with adult survival skills