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Last year we lost a giant in the town of Corcoran and on our school campus. Mr. Lerma has been a pillar of the community for many, many years and I was blessed enough to get to know him before his untimely passing. It was my first year and first months in administration when I came to him about trying to find help for students without shoes and shirts that were dressed code approved. In no time at all he had me connected to a local agency he was a part of that would be willing to provide shoes and did so. He was highly beloved and respected by his colleagues and students alike. He held a high standard for himself and his students and was like his name, a “Ray” of sunshine every time he stepped on the campus. Besides him being an awesome teacher, person, and man, he was also a past mayor of Corcoran. In addition, I’ve also had the opportunity to work with his siblings in my professional and high school experiences. It’s a small world at times but thanks to people like Ray and his family it’s a much more beautiful place too. We love and will miss Mr. Ray Lerma here in Corcoran and at Kings Lake Education Center!

Brian Brazier

Brian Brazier
Asst. Principal Kings Lake Education Center
Corcoran Unified School District