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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Kings Lake Education Center? We have the answers. Here you will find a list of some of the questions most frequently asked of our office staff. If you don’t find the answers you seek, please be sure to contact us during our regular office hours.

Does Kings Lake Education Center have a dress code?

Our governing board believes that appropriate dress and grooming contribute to a productive learning environment. The board expects students to give proper attention to personal cleanliness and to wear clothes suitable for the school activities in which they participate. Students have the right to make individual choices from a wide range of clothing and grooming styles, but they must not present a health or safety hazard or a distraction, which would interfere with the educational process.

In general, our policy is that students will dress in a way that will not endanger their health or safety or that of others around them. Neither should a student’s clothes or appearance be such that it disrupts the learning process.

For specific information about our policy, please read our dress code document, located in the Quick Links section of the Home page.

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What are the high school graduation requirements?

The Class of 2013 and beyond must complete and pass 260 credits. We’ve outlined these credits for you on our Plan for Success page. Adult education students completing their high school diploma may have different requirements.

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When can I expect report cards and progress reports?

We know it’s important to keep up on your progress or that of your children. Please view our Calendar page for exact dates of when we will be mailing home progress reports and report cards. We mail report cards home at the end of each quarter or semester.

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How much homework should my child bring home each day?

At Kings Lake, we plan homework to meet each individual student’s specific educational needs. Homework helps students to practice and apply skills learned in school, enriches learning activities, and extends educational experiences related to class activities. Teachers evaluate all homework and will keep students informed about progress.

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Can students take textbooks home to study?

Students do have the privilege of taking textbooks home once they demonstrate regular attendance, can use class time wisely, and show they are responsible by returning to school—with their books—each day.

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What is the Kings Lake attendance policy?

Attendance procedures at Kings Lake are the same as they are at the other schools in the district. State law regarding attendance states that every person under 18 years of age must attend school. Corcoran High School students must attend 95 percent of each year enrolled to participate in graduation ceremonies. This means that students cannot miss more than nine days per year—or 63 periods per year. Excused absences do count against these periods. For more information about attendance requirements, please read the student handbook, located in the Quick Links section of our Home page.

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